Friday, July 15, 2011

Basketball Thanks Card and Sliceform-Pazzles



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My oldest son has been a fan of basketball his whole life. He has played at the YMCA since he was 8. He lives and breathes basketball. The Y is a wonderful league. It is filled with amazing men and woman who volunteer their time and talents. But, it is not a highly competitive league. They focus on team work and building self esteem. Which is totally amazing. My son tried to play in a travel league for one season, but the games were on Sundays, and that is our Sabbath day. He played the season, including the Sundays. But he ended up not liking breaking the Sabbath day. Me and his dad didn’t like that part of it either. But, it was a good lesson learned. He has since excelled at the Y. He is now trying out at the High School he will be attending. And let me tell you that is a whole new ball game (no pun intended…lol). So, on to the reason behind the card. My son has always been blessed with great coaches. But, there is this one wonderful young man. (I call anyone younger than me by 5 or more years “young”). I will call him Coach D. Coach D asked my son to be on his travel team. We thought, great, another chance at a travel team. My son practiced with the team in preparation for the season until we found out that all travel teams in our area play their games on Sundays…..wawawa….oh well. But, Coach D, being the kind young man he is, asked my son to still practice with them so he could continue to improve. And he did for a while. And now that he is trying out for High School ball, Coach D is taking the time to coach my son 1 on 1 and giving him a chance at really growing. And let me just tell you that Coach D has “mad skills”! I just feel really grateful!

Forgot to add...this was cut on my new Pazzles machine. My husband and kids got it for me for my birthday this month. All files were from, except the sliceform. I purchsed that from

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