Friday, December 2, 2011

My Perfect Imperfection

Warning!  This is not a “crafting” post.  Just some personal observations about life.

I have been reading some blogs lately about how we women are realizing it is “okay” to be imperfect.  I came across this post On Upstairs Friends which I got through a crafting blog I read regularly (Just What I {Squeeze} In).  It was so great to read!  This particular article was about letting friends see that we are not necessarily the perfect housekeepers.  It reminded me so much of my own life.  The home we live in is not perfect, but I am very grateful to have a roof over my head.  I keep it as clean as I can.  I am often limited by my health (one way or another).  I am trying to raise my family, work 2 part time jobs, fulfill Church callings, etc .  Thankfully I am able to work both my jobs from home and they are both great jobs!  And I know that my life is like so many other woman.  We all work so hard!  And some days I try to get everything stuffed in the closets, under the beds, behind the couches, and every other hiding place I can find just to make it look okay for friends. 

So yesterday one of my good friends is over.  And let’s just say my youngest son doesn’t like to flush the toilet or watch where he is aiming when he pee’s.   And all my kids think that the mirror is a place to do toothpaste art.  I didn’t have time to check out the bathroom before she came over. wa wa wa…..So, she goes in the bathroom and I am thinking, oh crap.  But I just told myself that it was ok.  She is not going to dis-own me because of a non-flushed toilet or a mirror full of toothpaste.  She is not going to care if I am not a perfect housekeeper.  So, when she came out of the bathroom I just said “sorry if there was any pee in the toilet”.  She just smiled and we just went on talking about crafty stuff.  She is a great friend.  It reminded me that a friend will always love you for the person you are and doesn’t care about silly things like how perfect a housekeeper you areSmile