Monday, March 10, 2014

Circle Chalkboard Plaque


plaque solo

close up flowersfull front

     I have been in the frame of mind lately of wanting to alter things.  So, for this little project, I decided to alter a piece of wood I got at Michaels.  The back of the wood measures about 6 3/4” and it tapers off to about 5” at the front of the wood.  

     I sanded and painted the whole piece pink.    I cut a piece of Recollections Chalkboard paper and glued it on the front.  I used the Scotch brand liquid adhesive.  I wanted it to stick and stay.  I find it is one of the better brands to use with paper.  I used a piece of Spring garland around the edges.  I hot glued it down in a few different places so it would still have some movement. 

    The flowers are all from the Los Angeles Fashion District.  I took a trip down there recently and had such a good time!  There are so many crafting goodies!….Not to mention all the other great stuff!  The large flowers were originally much more white.  I added a bit of the pink paint that I used on the plaque so they would match better.  The medium white flowers are part porcelain and part rolled ribbon.  They are sooooooo dreamy!  Then I popped a few small white mulberry roses in to fill out the flower layout.

     I still needed a way to hang it.  I found some ribbon that I like.  It’s kinda shabby chic.  I hot glued the ribbon to the back.  Then I cut a piece of really thick black cardstock and glued that to the back and on top of the ribbon.  Now it is all set to go and write small messages on .  TFL!

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