Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Going Batty Cut File

This is what the "bats" look like when I put them together. They are make exclusively with the Jubilee cartridge and the Design Studio Software. They are made simply with the holly leaf cut and the blackout shadow of the "o" welded together.
I also made a second layer with a shadow for each size and a layer with a head/face that was slightly smaller that can be placed on top of the bat.

This is what the preview page looks like. On the smallest size bat (1") there are small cuts in the middle. I could not zoom in enough in the middle to hide those contours. That is part of the reason I made the extra faces to put on top. After I put the bats together I really liked how the extra layer looked on the bats.

If you have any questions about Design Studio or would like my "Batty" file, please feel free to email me at scrapbooknut2002@yahoo.com. Thanks for looking. I would love your feedback!

1 comment:

  1. Cute, it is that time to start thinking about the holidays. Thanks for sharing your "cut" file.