Thursday, July 23, 2009

Alien Scape Happy Birthday

This is a boys Happy Birthday card with cuts made from a file set that I bought from They have great files for sale at reasonable prices (and no, I don't work for them or get a commission, lol!). They just have great stuff. All of the cuts from the front (except for the font is from that file collection). And the "out of this world" and the UFO on the inside are from that collection. The oval is a basic shape that comes with the SCAL 2.0 program. And the "sunshine-y" shape behind the oval is one that I got from Susan Bluerobot's blog. You should check it out, she is soooo talented!
For the front of the card I used a thin black cardstock and I splattered it with white paint to make the background. The aliens, the sun, Mars, and Saturn are all just different colors of cardstock cut and layered. "Happy Birthday" is the font CK Bowlorama. I used googly eyes on the aliens to make it a little more fun.
On the inside I used sticker letters for the "you are". I also lined the inside of the card with a thick purple cardstock to make it sturdy. The size of the card is 8 1/2"x5 1/2".

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