Thursday, March 24, 2011

Art Journaling

These pink/green/brown pages are my first set of pages. I had a blast making them. They really made me "feel". I have come to find that with every drop of paint, marker, paper, embellishment, word, etc. I really feel like I am "feeling" something in this journal. The journey so far has been amazing!

Believe it or not there is no green on these pages! Well, there technically is, but it was by accident. I put blue and yellow on the pages. And as I learned in Kindergarten, that makes green! Oh, and I learned from Journal Artista (aka Paula) that a Hotel Key/old credit card makes a great paint tool!

This next set of pages came about because of my recent frustration with both myself and my family. I adore my family. They are the best! But, I cannot get them to clean up after themselves for anything. I have tried begging, pleading, bribeing, giving consequences. And nothing works. I am also tired of myself. I feel sometimes like I am just a big hormone. I guess that is because I have 3 boys, a husband and most of the animals in my house are boys! I know I am a drama queen.
I want to send a huge thanks out to Paula at She has inspired me greatly! I would never have had the courage to try something like this if it wasn't for her. So, thank you Paula!

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